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adidas Samba Classic are comfortable and supportive shoes which will make your indoor game supreme fun. These shoes deliver great support, control and comfort to your feet to ensure unbeatable performance. They have been made from the lightweight materials which deliver great structural strength to these shoes so thy can withstand the punishing running. The upper of these shoes has been made from the full grain leather which is very soft, comfortable and durable. The upper has lace up closure to deliver you snug and secure fastening. The upper also has extended tongue which has been half molded and it deliver great comfort to your feet. The tongue also keeps the feet free from lace bruises and it keeps the lace pressure off your feet. The collar of these shoes has also been cushioned to ensure maximum support and comfort to your ankle. The interior of these shoes has been lined with soft material to keep your feet abrasion free. This lining also ensure dry, odorless and healthy wearing by absorbing the moisture off your feet. These shoes have well cushioned insole which keeps the surfaces under your feet plush soft. The insole absorbs the shocks upon each step to ensure luxurious comfort to your feet. The outsole of these shoes has been made form the gun rubber. This outsole has low profile to deliver you closer to the ground ride for better stability, great support and superior comfort. The outsole is flexible and it delivers you neutral and natural ride without any fatigue. The outsole has the tread configuration which has been designed to maintain great grip on the indoor surfaces for best performance and slip resistant ride. These shoes weigh 12 ounces as per size 6.5. You can find this style in these colors: Black/ Running White and White/ Black.



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CCR from Seattle, WA

I loved the Nubuck when I saw them but they didn't come in Women's styles -- so after trying on the Men's - found they fit with thicker socks & I'm off to the races! What I love about these is that they don't look like athletic shoes (look great with my casual work pants) because of the black sole, which I really like, yet they feel & comfort my feet like athletic shoes. I'm on my feet a lot (10 miles a day most days) and these shoes are wonderful ... was also surprised that the nubuck has been easy to clean / care for - figured they would water stain (live in Seattle) more easily, but that hasn't been the case!

Rick from Easton, PA

The new, current version has a "smaller" toe box than the previous version. I have a pair of each type. But, I still had to have the big toe area stretched in both pairs. I wear a set of custom orthotics in the older version but do not need them in the current version. I tend to pronate. I often walk 10-12 miles in a day on city streets when on vacation. The shoes are very comfortable. In addition they are fairly waterproof when walking on wet streets. I have had the shoes for almost 18 months and they have worn extremely well. My only complaint with Brooks is that you cannot get new OEM inserts or laces from Brooks or their dealers.

Jason from Orlando, Fl

Years ago my foot doctor recommended this particular shoe for all around support. In general, the arch support is good, yet the construction is very solid. However, I've owned several pairs of the Addiction Walker and my opinion is the newest version is not the same quality as in previous years.
In the newer, current version the sole has been changed and not for the better. The sole has a slick surface for wet floors and sidewalks. The sole on both shoes has come apart from the shoe in the heals. The current version shoe does seem to be a little more snug fitting, more so noticeable in the front toe compartment. The inside supports breakdown much more rapidly than in the older version as well. Overall, the newest version is disappointing. Unfortunately, the Brooks quality and reputation has seemed to disappeared.

Fiddlesticks from Hill City, South Dakota

Just bought my second pair. Loved the first pair. This pair felt great in the store but after wearing them for 4 days my pinky toes have blisters. Don't know if this is because the shoe is forcing me to walk correctly (I pronate) or if the shoe is too narrow. Am going to the store I purchased them from in a few days and see if they can help stretch or maybe exchange. I am on my feet almost 9 hours a day with only a thin carpet on top of the cement floor. The bottoms of my feet feel fine and the bursitis in my left hip is gone but I am not sure I can deal with the pinky hurting so much. Any suggestions?

Bsman from Santa Clara, CA

I have been a youth soccer referee for over 18 years, and these are the best shoes I've ever found for refereeing soccer games. The soles have a decent amount of grip for even wet grass, and the support and padding have done much to alleviate the fatigue and foot pain from being out all day refereeing soccer games. Also, being all black is a plus, and they shine up quite nicely.


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